We spend our lives with the ambition to buy more expensive and precious things with the illusion of being owners until we decide to sell them or replace them with even more difficult to reach, but we do not really understand that we are only temporary users Of all that we have acquired with difficulty and the little enjoyment we experience each time we manage to get possession is absinthe that takes our senses far longer and profound enjoyment.
The reality is that possessing something comforts our fear of not being enough for ourselves and for those we love.
We think it’s best to spend a lifetime accumulating things to leave to our children rather than trying to live with them as much time and emotions as possible, so that what will remain in their minds can never be destroyed by time, fashioned or resold to monetize.
We must try to give our children our fragility and strength so that they can feel less of the weight of their fragility and fear, seeing their parents as normal beings who weep and are afraid, just like them and not as super heroes of To live the myth by feeling inferior.
We try to set aside for them more opportunities to play the game of life better and not to give it the solution already to all by removing the taste of defeat and victory and making them a flat sea life where there is no need to overcome storms to discover lands Ever more wonderful.
We are trying to find the courage to admit that if we fail to face our fear of showing us really, we can only possess objects and people who will disappear when they find more wealthy masters or who will stay with us because we will be the only option possible but not a Daily choice dictated by esteem and love for what we really are.
I have decided not to have anything but to limit myself to using what I need from material.
At the same time, I have given up pursuing those who sell their goods easily to the best bidder because they themselves do not know that they have in their mind a treasure that would make them really valuable.
This pushes me more and more to the justice of those who are approaching to get the mileage on the market, and even look at them with tenderness and often with emotion reminding myself that for so long I was so.
I love my status as a user and not a proprietor who in the common commercial jargon would be called “Nullatenente”.
Averne understands the way that puts me in a state of strength for those who are afraid of losing what they believe to be their wealth.
I wish that the legacy of my life were my mistakes more than my victories but most of all it was the example of who made of his temporary and imperfection the stimuli to live every day with the curiosity of those who are seeing for the For the first time a movie that will not replicate more; the life !

The Imperfect 2017