What would I not give you so that I and you would become strangers again.
I would stop looking for your eyes
In those of every woman I loved
Pretending I was still you
I lived every day without your profile that in twilight overlaps with that of those who fall asleep beside me.
I would taste all the fruit by stopping to look for the only flavor you gave to every kiss.
I would be free to look at a map world without thinking about where you are at that moment.
Free to imagine a future that is not the ugly copy of daydreams when we clenched helpless and timid after an unrestrained passion and shame.
I’m sure you would not be back in time because there is no time to take you away from my mind.
That is why I would like to be free to go out with a friend on a normal evening in February, and between unnamed people and no substance, stumbling in the bar stool and present myself to you already knowing your name.

The Imperfect – The Movie