In front of me your smile
The little hand holding my thumb and so all seemed to make sense, even the tears became sweet.
I played the piano with you on my legs moving your head flying between the notes making me feel a magician who with the magic carpet wandered in the clouds.
Unfortunately, though, I was just a man, often a child, and many times I could not do the spells I would have liked for you, too many times I dropped you down with me without ever wanting it and doing everything because my body could beat the blow, But you were still falling too soon, you just had to be an angel and be flying.
Now your hands are almost like a woman’s, and your gaze is an impenetrable door from which you can not get out of the enormous love and sweetness you have inside.
Yet when I heard that you resumed playing the piano I once again felt that unique, eternal feeling of pure self-support when you supported your hands on my own and we wanted both white and black buttons together.
I would have given every smile for you to be there behind your door to listen to you, while with your fullness and precision try to put the notes together in the right order and with the correct fingers;
Not like your dad who suddenly improves his music every time and often his life.
When you sent me the music you are learning then the sun that warmed my heart was much warmer than that warmed my head on this June day.
I dreamed, I hoped it was a way to tell me to learn that song or maybe to ask for a help that does not have a digit but a time together, near time.
With our hands this time, they can be next to each other to play in unison a sweet melody like your silence when you do not want to show the emotion and take your breath.
I started learning that music and I will do it as well as precisely as you would like it to be, something that is certain and precise that it can not drop from the clouds suddenly and that does not disappoint.
So when you want, when you hear it we can play it together and together look at the life that is ahead of you, knowing that even if I was not a wizard and if nothing is exactly how we will, we can continue to dream our perfect world Feeling close by who will love us even if we fall.

Your dad .